About Me

Selfie of Travis Chandler

I've focused much of my time as a game programmer trying to create unique experiences for players, with a focus on short gameplay-focused experiences, as well as serious games, designed with education and health in mind. Beyond programming, I've led teams as a producer/project manager, focused on meeting tight deadlines, and reining in scope. I graduated from Drexel University's Game Art and Production program in 2015, with a minor in Computer Science. I also currently teach game design and development classes at Drexel. Outside of making and playing games, I love to play guitar and read comics and non-fiction books.

Player Experimentation

Games like Fantasy Fairways were created with player experimentation in mind. We focused on developing a system that allowed players to find their own solutions to problems, providing them with a unique toolset to complete challenges. Creating levels with limited toolsets forced players to be more creative with their choices, and find new ways to have their tools interact.

Fantasy Fairways Screenshot

Arcade Games

Galactikitties Screenshot

Galactikitties, on the other hand, was created with short bursts of gameplay in mind. While the core gameplay loop may initially seem simple, the game quickly ramps up to throw new obstacles and powerups at the player, with varying effects. Creating a game with a simple, addictive gameplay loop was the goal, and the cat theme hooked some players as well!

Serious and Educational Games

And finally, games like the Dove Touchscreen Interative, were created with the client's learning requirements in mind. Players can create a ship that matches a 17th century ship through a series of activities, with the ability to learn more about specific processes and tools, as well as customize their own ship. Ships are uploaded to a website, which users can then share on their social media, in order to bring more visitors to the museum.

Dove Interactive Screenshot