Box Tower To The Moon

Box Tower To The Moon

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What is Box Tower to the Moon?

This game was made in collaboration with two other students at Drexel University as part of an Experimental Games course.  The goal of this project was to take the ideas of Schadenfreude(pleasure out of another being’s pain) and/or Mudita(pleasure out of another being’s joy), and implement them someway into the game.

For my team’s game, we designed a game in which the player has little control.  They are able to move the boxes around, but not enough to bowl over the tower.  There are also some small objects in the background players can interact with, but they have no real impact on the success of the tower’s completion.  Instead the players simply sit back and watch the ‘astronaut’ build the tower, and finally reach the moon.

Box Tower to the Moon was developed in the Unity Game Engine, using the C# language.

What was MY role on this project?

For Box Tower to the Moon, I was the sole developer.  As such, all of the implementation of assets in Unity and code development was handled by me.  All of the code was written by me, including the parallax camera, animation implementation, and the intractable objects.

To play the game, please download the appropriate bundle from below:

Mac Download

PC Download

Web Player