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What is Galactikitties?

Galactikitties is a game developed by myself and two other Drexel University students as a side project, with the goal of releasing a polished and well designed product.

Players control a yarn ball in space, and must catch cats and send them through a portal to safety, all while avoiding dangerous space debris, such as asteroids and satellites that will send the cats flying.

Galactikitties was developed in the Unity Game Engine, using the C# language.

What was MY role on the project?

I was added onto the team for Galactikitties development about halfway through the development process, in September, 2013, and joined on as a developer and the new producer for the project.  As a developer, I spent time finding bugs within the game, along with helping to design and develop extra game modes for the game.  As a producer, I spent time developing plans for how and when to ship the game, along with planning out tasks for the team to complete in order to reach the final product.

For more information about the game, check it out on iTunes and the Google Play store:

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