Malevolence Inc.

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What is Malevolence Inc.?

Malevolence Inc. was a project developed by a team of 8 graduating seniors at Drexel University over the course of 9 months.

Malevolence Inc. is a competitive level building platforming game, in which players takes turns placing traps, and then running through the level.  Players take the role of competing villains in Malevolence Inc.’s annual villainy competition.  As traps are placed within the level, it will automatically extend, in order to create a larger play field for the players, while also creating it’s own unique challenges, including pitfalls, and floating platforms.  The last villain standing is declared the winner.

The team worked under guidance of Professor Frank Lee, along with the assistance of industry veteran Robert Gray in order to complete this project.

Malevolence Inc. was developed in the Unity Game Engine, using the C# language.

What was MY role on the project?

For Malevolence Inc., I was both the producer of the project and a developer.

As the producer, it was my goal to handle both the business side of things, looking into how we would sell the game, along with scheduling meeting times with our advisors, preparing presentations for the Drexel faculty and the Senior Showcase, and planning deadlines for the team to meet in order to ship the game on time for Drexel’s Digital Media Senior Showcase.

As a developer on the team, I focused on optimizing the game for mobile devices.  We set at target at 30 FPS as our minimum stable frame-rate on our lowest device, which was an iPad 2.  This required developing our own solutions to baking shadows for the procedurally generated levels, as Unity’s built in solution is not optimal for this, along with finding tools for dynamic shadows that would lower the overall draw calls.  I also assisted in general gameplay implementations, such as traps and level sections, along with developing bits of the User Interface.

I also assisted in the design and creation of art assets for the interface, where necessary.

For more information about the game, check it out on iTunes and the Google Play store, or go to our website at

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