Drive on Moscow

Drive on Moscow

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What is Drive On Moscow?

Drive on Moscow is Shenandoah Studio’s second shipped title.  The game released for iOS on November 21st, 2013.

Drive on Moscow is a strategy game designed for tablet devices with both local and online multiplayer, including a matchmaking system, along with a single player ‘vs. AI’ mode.  Players take control of the Axis units or the Soviets during the battle at Moscow of World War 2.  Players must adapt strategies to changing weather conditions and terrain in order to conquer their opponents.

Drive On Moscow was developed natively for iOS using Objective-C.

What was MY role on the project?

Drive on Moscow was the first project I worked on at Shenandoah Studio, during my 6 month co-op there(I was later hired as a contractor before the studio shut down in September of 2014).  As such, it was my first introduction to Objective-C programming, and the toolset that was being used by the team.

I quickly learned Objective-C and Lua scripting in order to assist in some seemingly minor tasks such as placement of units, along with developing ‘agents’ for the AI by manipulating values, basing the personalities of the agents off of generals of the armies.  I developed algorithms for placing different units in different formations based on the shape of the space they were in, along with modifying the code to be more modular in the future, adding flags for pushing units into a triangle formation based on space size, determining the proper spacing between units, and other small changes to the existing codebase.

For more information, check the game out on iOS, or go to