Last Breath

Last Breath

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What is Last Breath?

Developed in 10 weeks, Last Breath is a first person adventure game, in which the player must balance their movement with the use of their oxygen.  The hero, Nathan, is trapped in an abandoned underwater Soviet research base, sent on a mission to uncover any information about the research that was conducted there.  Upon entering the base, Nathan must find a way to turn on the power, and find his way deeper into the base.

Last Breath was developed in the Unity Game Engine, using the C# language.

What was MY role on the project?

I was the sole developer, producer, and level designer on Last Breath.  As a producer, this meant planning and leading all of the meetings, along with preparing presentations to show our progress to professors and our fellow students.

As the team’s only developer, I created every bit of code that was used in the final version of the project.  Some of the core functionalities include an oxygen system that progressively hampers the player as they run out, the movement of the enemies, including their line of sight systems, along with all of the functionality of the puzzles.

To play the game, simply download the version for your system below:

PC Download

Mac Download