Desert Fox

Desert Fox

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What is Desert Fox?

Desert Fox is the third game from Philadelphia, PA based game studio, Shenandoah Studio.

Desert Fox is an expansion on the previous titles, such as Drive on Moscow, adding more complex features, such as fuel for units, a resupply phase, and airstrikes.  The game is set during the second battle at El Alamein during World War II, where the Axis and the Allies fought over the land on the northern coast of Egypt.  Players must take control of either side, and with each side having their own unique objectives.

Desert Fox was developed natively for iOS using Objective-C.

What was MY role on Desert Fox?

During the development of Desert Fox, I was assisted with the implementation of many of the new features, including the resupply phases, and special rules for airstrikes.  I also assisted with the implementation of unique movement rules, based on terrain and pathways between spaces, along with helping do make some of the design decisions associated with these rules.

For more information, check the game out on iOS or go to Shenandoah Studio’s website.