Once Upon a Onsie

Once Upon a Onsie

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What is Once Upon a Onsie?

Once Upon a Onsie was developed in about 5 weeks by a team of 5 students, and was the teams first introduction to 3D game development.

Once Upon a Onsie is a third person adventure game, in which the hero character has been sent to foreign locations, all because he slept through his alarm!  Now he must chase down his alarm clock and shut it off in order to reach his own time.

Once Upon a Onsie was developed in the Unity Game Engine, using the C# language.


What was MY role on the project?

For Once Upon a Onsie, I held the role of producer.  This meant I was in charge of developing our timeline for the 5 weeks, along with creating our weekly presentations and assisting in all areas of development on the project.  I also spent a large portion of time playtesting the game in order to get feedback from players.

I also assisted the developers in creating some parts of the project, especially the assembly of assets within Unity, linking all the scripts together properly, and setting up proper colliders throughout the levels.