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This page contains information on several different projects that were completed at Drexel university, during a 10 week Experimental Games class.   Each one can be downloaded and played on both Windows and OSX.

Keeler’s Theorem – Unity, C#


Keeler’s Theorem is a game based on the theorem created for the “Prisoner of Benda” episode of Futurama.  It is a theoretical algorithm which allows allows those who have swapped bodies, and cannot directly swap back, return to their bodies by simply adding at most 2 new people to the swap.  More information can be found on the Futurama Wiki.

This was a solo project developed over the course of a weekend, meaning that all assets and code were created by me.  The goal of the game is to simply swap the bodies of the characters in order to get them into their preferred bodies.  Then, after all swaps have been made, two more characters are added to the bunch, and players must try to get as many of them back into their original bodies as possible.

To play Keeler’s Theorem, download the file for your OS below:

PC Download

Mac Download



Selfies With Sheep – Unity, C#


Selfies with Sheep is a game based off of a tweet from the ‘parody’ Twitter account, Kim Kierkegaardashian which mashes together Kim Kardashian and the philosopher Kierkegaard quotes.  The tweet chosen by the team is seen in the image above, about taking selfies while tending to a flock of sheep.  Thus the team developed the idea for selfies with sheep: a game where Kim Kardashian is trying to take a selfie with as many sheep as possible at once.

As one of two students on the team, I was tasked with both art and development, in order to make sure the game moved forward as quickly as possible, as we were limited two a week to work on this project.  I created the animation controllers for the sheep and Kim, the character controller, and the actual selfie functionality, along with creating all art assets.

To play Selfies With Sheep, download the file for your OS below:

PC Download

Mac Download


Chocolate Love – Unity, C#


Chocolate Love is a games that was themed around Valentine’s Day, in which the player controls a chocolate blob who’s tired of seeing his friends getting eaten, and decides to get payback. The player must eat all of the couples in the level, in order, to grow large enough to finally eat the baker.  But touch one of the larger couples before you’re ready to eat them and you’ll lose health.

As one of the two students on the Chocolate Love team, I was the sole developer, while my fellow student worked on all of the art.  As such, all of the code in this project was written by me, though the character controller that was used is Prime31’s 2D character controller.

To play Chocolate Love, download the file for your OS below:

PC Download

Mac Download
Experielemental – Unity, C#


A portmanteau of Experimental and Elemental, Experielemental pits the player up against 3 elements: Lightning, Earth, and Fire.  Each of these elements must be beat in a unique way, but here’s the catch: Whatever weapon you use to kill a boss will be unavailable for the remaining boss(es).  This means you have to determine which weapon will be most valuable for each boss.  But don’t worry about going in blind, before you face a boss, you must complete a mini-puzzle in order to enter the room that will show you the ropes of how to fight the boss.

As part of a four man team on Experielemental, I was focused on developing the Fire boss.  I set up the room and tooled around with the movement of the boss and his fireballs, creating the functionality for each of the weapons in this room, and testing the bosses functionality.

To play Experimental, download the file for your OS below:

PC Download

Mac Download