Fantasy Fairways

Fantasy Fairways

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What is Fantasy Fairways?

Fantasy Fairways is a golfing game, that has players place gizmos in the level to make their shots.  Players always hit the ball from the same starting location, requiring them to think about where to place each gizmo to get the ball into the hole.

Fantasy Fairways was developed in the Unity Game Engine, using the C# language.

What was MY role on the project?

For Fantasy Fairways, I was a developer, handling much of the UI interactions and effects throughout the game.  My work included creating the interface that handles displaying the par and strokes for the current hole, creating events to share this information with other objects as necessary, and assisting in the creation of the gizmos that players use.

I also assisted in the creation of iOS builds, which needed special attention due to the use of the Google Play Game Services plug-in, meaning we have to create these builds manually rather than using Unity’s Cloud building platform.

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