Dove Touchscreens

CBMM Touchscreen Screenshot

The Dove Touchscreen Interactive was created in collaboration with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, as a learning experience about 17th century shipbuilding. As the sole developer, it was my job to work with our team's designer to come up with elegant solutions that would meet the client's needs while also being feasible within the short production time. The final game was built in Unity and delivered to the client on both 42" touchscreens and Surface Pro tablets.

As the lead developer I handled the creation of most of the functionality:

  • Built multiple mix and match/multiple choice style question systems.
  • Tracked user data throughout, to present a unique 2D animation based on the ship they built.
  • Developed a ship customization system, uploading user's ships to an online database to share later.
  • Designed a website that hosts presents the most recent ships built for users to find and share their ships.
  • Installed 3 large touchscreens within the museum, including a system to update the game.

More info on Night Kitchen's Website.

CBMM Touchscreen Screenshot

Fantasy Fairways

Fantasy Fairways Screenshot

Fantasy Fairways is the third, and most recent, game from the self-founded Sweet Roll Studios. A golf game, players must tee off from the same spot each time, using "gizmos" to adjust their shots to make a hole in one. I worked as both a programmer and project manager on this, leading the team and making sure we hit required deadlines.

Built in Unity, my core focus was on content integration and Steam functionality. My work consisted of:

  • Implementing new gizmos and levels, including any new functionality required.
  • Designing and implementing new UX and UI features, such as the radial selection menu.
  • Adding in Steam Achievement and Workshop functionality.
  • Managing sprint boards and weekly meetings to meet deadlines.
  • Guiding the team towards milestones including conference submissions.

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Fantasy Fairways Screenshot

Star Mapper

Star Mapper Screenshot

Star Mapperis a simple constellation drawing game, developed in about a week for a local game jam, with the theme "7 Second Mechanic." The player is given only 7 seconds to draw a constellation in one stroke, using a limited amount of ink, with the difficulty increasing every 5 constellations. A solo project, I focused on programming, and sourced art and sounds from free online sources.
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Galactikitties was the first project that Sweet Roll Studios released in 2014. I worked on nearly all aspects of the game, from the core gameplay loops, to the high score system, and creating a couple of the costumes for the cats to wear. It's still available on iOS, made free in 2018 as sales of the game had died down.

Galactikitties Screenshot

Galactikitties Screenshot

As a team of 3 developers, we each wore many hats. Built in Unity, my contributions were largely programming core features, but also included the following:

  • Developed a high score system.
  • Integrated art assets including sprites, animations, and audio.
  • Designed and built user interface elements.
  • Created multiple costumes for the cat customization.
  • Interviewed with local newspapers about the game.

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Malevolence Inc.

Malevolence Inc. was the second project released by Sweet Roll Studio. Built in Unity, and as the team's Senior Project at Drexel University, the project was developed in 8 months, and released in May 2015. Malevolence Inc. is a local multiplayer platformer, in which players took turns placing traps to trip up other players as they ran through the level. Due to platform requirements changing, the game is no longer available for download.

Malevolence Inc. Screenshot

Malevolence Inc. Screenshot

As one of three programmers, I had a significant role in the development, and I also led the team as project manager. In these roles I:

  • Assisted in the creation of the player controllers.
  • Implemented traps and level sections within the game.
  • Developed significant portions of the user interface, including trap selection and player controls.
  • Integrated content from the art team, including setting up animation systems for characters.
  • Led sprint meetings, and met with other team leads to develop a timeline for release.

Drive On Moscow

Drive On Moscow is a turn based strategy game recreating some of the conflicts during WW2, release by Shenandoah Studio in 2014. The first published game project I was part of as an intern at Shenandoah Studio, I played a part in the final days of it's release:

  • Built and tested AI agents using an existing system.
  • Found and documented bugs, assisting in fixing them where possible.
  • Tweaked the AI agent system, using Lua scripting.
  • Made minor updates to the existing engine in Objective-C.

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Malevolence Inc. Screenshot

Desert Fox

Malevolence Inc. Screenshot

A followup to Drive On Moscow, using much of the same engine, Desert Fox plays one of the most important battles of WWII. I played a larger part in the development of the game, working more on the engine itself:

  • Worked to develop new types of units.
  • Handled the integration of game board data, converting the drawn map to polygons.
  • Integrated many of the art assets, creating optimized sprite sheets.
  • Expanded on the existing AI Agent system.

Desert Fox is no longer available for iOS due to platform changes.