Augmented Reality Museum Tour App

Therapy Game Screenshot

Currently in development at Night Kitchen Interactive, this augmented reality (AR) museum tour application/platform is being designed and developed with a heads up approach to the museum experience. Instead of pushing users to new content on their device, we aim to augment existing content through the use of 2D and 3D animations, and slight gamification of the museum tour, by providing a scavenger hunt type experience, with digital keepsakes/AR filters for users to play around with.

I came onto this project after a couple years of development, and began with a refactor to make the code a little more managable. After this, I expanded on the existing feature set:

  • Developed new types of augmented reality experiences, including tracking 3D models to photospheres.
  • Integrated content from 3D animations to 360 videos and photos.
  • Created shaders for both animating materials/textures, and post processing effects.
  • Showcased the application at a national museum exhibitor conference, AASLH.
Therapy Game Screenshot

Untitled Autism Therapy Game

Therapy Game Screenshot

Developed over 3 years as the lead developer, I helped develope this game in order to assist players, children with autism, improve their social interactions, through repeated excercises that challenge their perception of others. Using external sensors, data was fed into the Unity game to recreate realistic scenarios. Preliminary results were optimistic, and the game is currently in testing with a research team.

As the only developer of this project for most of it's lifespan, I handled most of the development:

  • Built a system to pass results from players to a web server, in order to analyze data.
  • Integrated an adaptive system that could be adjusted on the fly to fit the user's specific skill set.
  • Designed multiple exercise types to target different potential issues children with Autism face.
  • Built multiple minigames to provide breaks from intensive exercises.
  • Integrated eye tracking into the project to assist in learning goals.
Therapy Game Screenshot

Gettysburg: The Tide Turns

Gettysburg: The Tide Turns was a game kickstarted by Shenandoah Studio, that, unfortunately, was incomplete at the time the studio shut down in late 2014. Slitherine, another developer, bought and finished the project years later. As such, it's hard to say how much of the final game includes code that I and the Shenandoah team, wrote.

Gettysburg: The Tide Turns Screenshot

Gettysburg: The Tide Turns Screenshot

In order to build a multiplatform release, the team developed the game in Unity and native C#. I assisted in the development shortly after the initial prototype, and had a hand in a large portion of the game's development.

  • Wrote Unit Tests to validate the outcome of complex battle simulations.
  • Developed core functionalities using MVC architecture to have both a console output and Unity version of the game.
  • Implemented pathing agents for unit formations to navigate between hexes.
  • Built the core movement systems, including units traversing over various terrain.

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Nick of Time

Nick of Time is a 2 player networked multiplayer endless runner. One player controls Nick, a time traveling soldier hoping to save the world. The other player is an agent of the "Time Bureau," transporting Nick between a past and present version of the same location, each with their own challenges. The levels are randomly generated, increasing in difficulty over time. Developed with a team of 3 others, I was the sole programmer.

Nick of Time Screenshot

Selfies with Sheep

Selfies With Sheep Screenshot

Selfies with Sheep was a game created as part of a two week game jam, themed after a twitter account that mashed Kim Kardashian and Kierkegaard quotes. The player is tasked with herding and taking selfies with as many sheep in a single selfie as possible. With one other team member, I handled the majority of the core gameplay functionality.